Yonkers native Style P has been a notorious juicer for over ten years. No, not the Jose Canseco-steroid-injections-in-the-buttocks kind of juicer, but the put-fruit-and-vegetables-into-a-blender kind of juicer, a much healthier variation. So the king of guest verses (did you catch his new feature with Azealia Banks?) has always been a champion of the alternative hustle, having published a novel, Invincible, and opened a juice bar of his own in the Bronx. An unbound forward thinker, Styles is aware that rapping, publishing and juicing aren’t the only ways to bring in income, and in a Tweet last week, attempted to make kids aware of the virtues and financial benefits of getting into dentistry. Naturally, we converted his career pitch into his next mixtape cover, which you can see below:

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